Brand Hotels

Reduce costs, increase profits.

Cut Costs and Maximize Profits

Limited service and full-service branded hotels can be an extremely profitable investment. They can deliver excellent net operating income and profit for an individual or investment group.

The trick is keeping your costs low. Just because you are signed up with a brand to use their central reservation system does not mean that you cannot consistently outperform your competition. One of the top ways to cut costs is to hire non-brand revenue management and digital marketing help for a fraction of what the hotel brand charges. In addition, when you hire me instead of the brand to handle your online strategy, I’ll be making your property and not the overall brand my priority.

I have worked on branded limited service and full-service hotel revenue optimization projects throughout my career. I am always amazed and delighted by how much possibility there is for improvement.

What I Can Do for You

I will help you develop and implement a revenue optimization and distribution strategy that works. My approach will be to optimize your hotel on two fronts: revenue management and digital marketing. It’s impossible for a hotel brand to give optimal attention to the hundreds or thousands of hotels in their portfolio. You deserve an expert who is focused on your asset’s performance. Not only will I give you targeted strategies, but I will do it while staying with brand guidelines, and at a lower cost compared to the marketing and revenue services offered by your brand.

We start with a free phone consultation so we can get to know each other. If we decide to work together:

  • I’ll ask you to provide some information about your property, your competitors, and your rates.
  • I will conduct a review of your website, online presence, distribution channels, and at least two years of historical revenue data.
  • I will provide you with a rate strategy and help with implementation as needed.
  • I’ll let you know if you need to initiate – or discontinue – any online marketing activities. My goal is to get you to spend less and make more.


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