Case Study

Principal Hayley Hotels
A collection of 23 landmark hotels across the UK and Europe

How We Increased Online Revenue by 70% in Four Months

I worked closely with Principal Hayley’s marketing, revenue and development teams to bring about a complete restructuring of their online presence. The strategy was highly detailed and customized, providing separate digital assets and marketing campaigns for the Principal Hayley brand as well as for 23 unique properties with varied locations, amenities and histories.

Making Historic Properties Perform Like New


In 2013, Starwood Capital acquired Principal Hayley Hotels, a collection of 23 landmark hotels and dedicated conference venues across the UK and Europe. Principal Hayley’s assets included historic and iconic properties strategically located in many key central locations; properties included The George, Edinburgh; The St David’s Hotel, Cardiff; The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow; and The Hotel Russell, London.

The portfolio was underperforming, and the new owners were looking to boost direct revenue through online marketing efforts. I was tasked with setting up a comprehensive campaign to cover the ownership brand and all of its 23 properties.


I had a team working around the clock to overhaul the portfolio’s online revenue. At the same time, digital optimization efforts for the ownership brand and each individual property were painstakingly set up, synchronized and tracked to achieve optimal performance and revenue.

The result was spectacular, with a 70% increase in revenue within four months of acquisition. Our hands-on approach delivered the much-needed initial jump in revenue that helped to pave the way for long-term profitability and capital investments.



revenue increase


traffic Increase





“I’m truly grateful that we’ve lined up with such a best-in-class partner. ”

Cody Bradshaw
Senior Vice President, Hotel Asset Management
Starwood Capital Group

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