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World-Class Commercial Strategy for Hotels

Our industry experts will create a custom strategy for your hotel, focused on  maximizing your profits. We offer integrated Marketing, Revenue, and Sales strategies and implementation for hotels of all sizes.

  • Our core team members each have over 25 years of hands-on experience in revenue management and marketing for hotels located in US, UK, EMEA and Asia.
  • Our global network of seasoned professionals has successfully boosted revenue and profitability for every client we have worked with, from large hotel portfolios to small inns.
  • To date, our hotel clients have generated over 5 billion USD in increased revenue by using our services.

Commercial Optimization Services

We work with all kinds of clients, from small B&Bs to brand portfolios and private equity groups. Depending on your needs and your budget, we will design a custom commercial strategy for you that includes one or more of the following components:

Revenue Management

Aggressive and dynamic pricing and inventory control strategies help you maximize revenue and profits in all market conditions.
Supercharge your hotel’s presence across various online and offline distribution channels with a customized channel mix.

Integrate paid ads and earned media strategies to attract your target customers, increase profits, and reduce adverting expenses.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’m truly grateful that we’ve lined up with such a best-in-class partner for revenue optimization.”
Cody Bradshaw
Managing Director,
Starwood Capital Group – Europe
“We have worked with Vikram for over a decade and have always been impressed by his expertise in the hospitality industry. We have huge success and dramatically improved revenue for all our clients. I can’t endorse him and his methods enough."
Allison Crumpton
Owner, White Stone Marketing
“There are few hospitality speakers and observers like Vikram Singh, who has his finger on the lifestyle trends of 21st century society. He delivered a phenomenal keynote on revenue optimization to our hosts from 110 countries at the Airbnb Open in Paris.”
Chip Conley
Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy,
"Vikram is—simply put—awesome! He is consummate, very knowledgeable and passionate about all things related to digital marketing, revenue optimization and making your hotel business more profitable."
Ingrid Summerfield
Joie de Vivre Hospitality
“Vikram has delivered stellar revenue for our hotels! His unique experience and unmatched results in the hospitality and travel sector gives us the edge over generic marketing agencies.”
Andre de Araujo
Vice President of Ecommerce,
Highgate Hotels
"Vikram's blog is a treasure trove for anyone looking to boost their hotel's profitability. A must-read independent resource for hoteliers seeking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of hotel commercial optimization. His content is always direct, funny, and filled with actionable insights."
Chinmai Sharma
"Vikram is a pleasure to work with. He has a wealth of knowledge that guides our team in maximizing our performance. Since Vikram's involvement, we have seen our STR performance improve, web direct performance contribution more than double, and profit margin increase. Vikram's confidence is evident, as is his sense of humor. Such a great asset to our team!"
G. Michael Lawrence
Asset Manager
Coconut Waikiki and Shoreline Waikiki Hotels