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Services for Branded Hotels

Limited service and full-service branded hotels can be extremely profitable investments.

They can deliver excellent net operating income and profit for an individual or investment group.

Cut Costs, Maximize Profits

With brand fees and agreements in place, the key to profitability lies in keeping your costs down. One of the best ways to cut costs is to hire an independent revenue management and commercial optimization team. Brand fees are padded to cover payroll shared among multiple hotels in the same market. We have worked with some of the largest owner-operators of brand hotels and helped them increase their net operating income by reducing their brand fees and setting competitive rates that outperform the brand’s strategies.

Fully Managed Commercial Optimization Services

We will develop a customized package for you based on your needs and your budget. Components include:

Revenue Management

We provide your hotel with aggressive and dynamic pricing and inventory control strategies to help you maximize revenue and profits in all market conditions. We can outperform any in-house brand team at a fraction of the cost.

Distribution Management

Supercharge your brand hotel’s presence across online and offline distribution channels. We will create a customized channel mix to help you get the best performance from all your channels. We can follow brand rules – but outperform the brand team – by giving individual attention to your asset.

Marketing Management

We help you integrate your marketing and revenue departments for maximum performance. Instead of paying brand fees, shift the budget over to integrated paid ads and earned media strategies. You will attract your target customers and increase your profits while greatly reducing your brand fee and advertising expenses.