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Hotel Marketing, Revenue and Commercial Optimization Speaker

I have gained global recognition as an outspoken industry expert on revenue optimization and commercial leadership. I have delivered keynotes and educational sessions at hundreds of travel industry events worldwide, and for hotel organizations of all sizes. My presentations highlight the latest and most successful approaches to hotel revenue and commercial optimization, including real-world examples of what does and doesn’t work.

My hosts have included Airbnb, American Express Travel, Arabian Travel Market, and the US Department of Commerce. My mission is to educate hotel owners, hoteliers and revenue professionals on how to make smarter decisions that can lead to huge gains in revenue and profitability.

I do not waste my audience’s time with generic information and industry buzzwords. I deliver entertaining and powerful sessions that get the audience to engage, think smarter, and take action.

I also make sure that my hosts do not end up with a boring event. Relevant content and an entertaining delivery style ensure that your attendees will rave about your event. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. And there’s plenty of humor to be found in my industry experiences!

Speaking Experience

  • Airbnb Open, Paris: Keynote on Revenue Management for Short-Term Rentals
  • American Express Travel Series, Multiple US States: Optimizing Hotel Revenue
  • American Hotel & Lodging Association, 40+ US States: Revenue Optimization Masterclass
  • Arabian Travel Market, Dubai: Optimizing Revenue in Middle East Markets
  • HSMAI, New Orleans ROC Conferences: Integrating Marketing and Revenue Management Strategies
  • HICAP Hong Kong: Revenue and Digital Integration Strategy
  • Purdue University, Indiana. Undergraduate Guest Speaker: Hotel Business Basics & Revenue Management
  • Brigham Young University, Hawaii, Undergraduate Course: Hotel Marketing and Revenue Optimization
  • Expedia Partner Services Group: Revenue Management Essentials Series for Independent Hotels
  • Tech Talk Travel Berlin: Revenue Essentials Podcast and Video series
  • Hotel Data Conference, Nashville: Optimizing Mobile Revenue
  • Hotel Revenue Forum, Milan: Integrating Digital Marketing & Pricing Strategy
  • US Department of Commerce, San Francisco: Revenue Management Session for Travel Department Heads From G-20

Top 3 reasons why event teams like working with me:

I don’t use buzzwords.  I’m not a motivational speaker. My content comes from my current and past experiences in the industry. Even as you read this, please know that I am working on optimizing revenues for hotels worldwide, launching new brands, rebranding and relaunching new concepts, and testing new strategies.

I have been speaking at hotel events for 20 years! That’s hundreds of events from workshops to panels to keynotes. I create unique and customized content for every event. And I make sure attendees are having fun. If my listeners stay engaged, they absorb information that not only makes their organizations more profitable, but also helps them perform better in their roles.

I know I am not the event, but there to simply add value to the event. My hosts are my clients, and I am not a diva. I will arrive on time and be prepared to deliver a great presentation. I’m also happy to spend extra time as needed after my presentation to take questions from attendees, on or off the dais.