My Top 6 Articles of 2014

It’s time to say goodbye to 2014. It was an epic year for me, and I especially loved sharing my thoughts about the industry with a wonderful group of loyal readers.

This year my articles were read by visitors from 126 countries! I was most excited to see Bhutan on the list, also known as the happiest country in the world; they actually measure happiness and not GDP as their metric for being a successful country. Let’s try and get some inspiration from Bhutan and do things that make us happy. Producing meaningful content, and having you enjoy and share it, has been a great source of happiness for me.

As always, I had a very international year:

  • I famously said this year at a family party: “I’d rather fly than drive.” I completed 1 million miles in the air with American Airlines in 2014! Nine million more and, according to Clooney’s movie, they will have to name a plane after me.
  • I spent the summer working in Singapore, adding some heavy hitters to our revenue management and asset takeover team. These guys are not only the smartest, but some of the nicest guys in the industry. Also, I love Singapore!
  • I got to work in the Middle East on an amazing project, developing tourism potential for the hotel brand and the country. It’s very exciting, and a wonderful place to work.

In 2015, I plan to continue offering content that you can use to grow professionally without getting bored to death.

As for 2014, the tribe as spoken. Here are the top posts based on traffic, engagement and social sharing:

  1. Priceline’s Acquisition of Buuteeq: Why Hotels Must Own Their Digital Assets  
  2. How Airbnb Is Crushing Traditional Hotel Brands
  3. Reality Check: 7 Questions for Your Hotel Marketing Agency 
  4. It’s Time to Burst the Hotel SEO Bubble: What Hotels Really Need to Know
  5. Hotel Pay Per Click: Your Single Most Powerful Marketing Tool 
  6.  Why You Shouldn’t Sell Rooms for $7 on Hotel Tonight 

Happy New Year, everyone!