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My Top 6 Articles of 2016

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2016 was a very interesting year and will surely be a memorable one. I have had the opportunity to grow and flourish personally and professionally thanks to support from many people.

First, I have to thank my readers for making this a banner year for my site. Social sharing this year was phenomenal, allowing my content to reach the far corners of the globe. I was especially thrilled to see Cook Islands on the list. Since my home base is in Hawaii, it’s nice to see my neighbors in Polynesia stopping by.

It was a great year of professional growth as well, thanks to my new role at The Rainmaker Group. I have been working with some amazing people on the art and science of integrating revenue management and digital marketing. More exciting updates on that role will be coming your way soon.

I loved having the opportunity to speak at many industry conferences and events, from Toronto to New Orleans, Las Vegas to Nashville. One major change I noticed this past year is that someone approached me at every single event to tell me that they subscribe to my blog! I am not famous yet, but it’s starting to feel like Almost Famous. When I started writing in 2013, I never thought I would get to meet the people who read my articles!

In 2017, I will keep writing content that you can use to grow professionally without getting bored to death. I’m still rooting for you to make more revenue and more profits. I am counting on you guys to continue spreading the word. As for 2016, the tribe has spoken. Here are my top posts based on traffic, engagement and social sharing:

  1. Hotel Website Design and Usability: Top 10 Mistakes
  2. BookingSuite: A Lesson in Direct Revenue Strategy
  3. Let’s Keep It Real: The Truth About Hotel Meta Search
  4. Super Metrics for Hotel Marketing & Online Revenue Optimization
  5. Dinosaur Metrics Are Taking a Bite Out of Your Hotel Marketing Performance
  6. Do You Really Need a Separate Brand for Millennials?
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