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Another Day (Not) Another Blog


This is not my first blog/dance/party/luau. It’s the fourth blog that I’ve launched since 2006. The other three blogs were focused on topics ranging from Online Marketing to Surfing Products and Big Wave Surfing. (What can I say…I have range.)

Why is this blog different from all other blogs? Simple. It bears my name. These are just my thoughts: no guest posts, no agency talk, nothing but me talking about what I know best.

I am Vikram Singh, and these are my words.

Interesting fact: The one thing all of my blogs have in common is that they were all launched in Oahu, Hawaii. The Island Kingdom simply inspires me.

Ok, now what is this blog going to be about? It’s about making a change. Stopping the business as usual that has the hospitality industry so trapped. I want to point out a better way of doing things: a better way to use analytics, a better way to use technology, a better way to use your staff… etc, etc.

After dedicating over 15 years to the hotel and online marketing industries, I am ready to share my stories, perspectives, thoughts and ideas.  

Don’t worry. This is not a “dear diary.” I don’t do diaries. You won’t have to read about what I had for breakfast. This is more like a serialized book on hotel industry best and worst practices, all based on real-life experiences with employers, vendors, clients and colleagues. Some chapters will sting while others will soothe. But I hope all of them will inspire you to think about what you’re doing and to aim higher.

Please bring an open mind and a saltshaker filled with grains of salt. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

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